Bilskirnir is a beautiful cottage located in Grimsnes, approximately 70 minute drive from Reykjavík. Secluded and surrounded by nature.

Unique cottage in the South of Iceland, on the Golden Circle Route. Three bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Enjoy an evening out with the stars and aurora borealis in a Geothermal hot tub. The cottage is in a beautiful private secluded area.

This beautiful cottage has three bedrooms and two bathrooms.
The large bathroom has a door to easily access the outside geothermal hot tub. The hot tub takes about 50 minutes to fill, so you will have fresh geothermal water in the hot tub every day.

Large living room, with kitchen and dining area.

Small separate living room with a view. The cottage has all the necessary appliances. DVD, TV, hairdryer, high speed internet, Playstation, a washing Machine and dryer combo.

The nearest town is Selfoss about 15km away. There you will find Restaurants, Shopping, pharmacy and etc.

The area is calm and beautiful with nice walking routes. It is in a gated secluded area. 

Bilskirnir is the hall of the thunder god Thor and also one of our best cottage.

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