Here you can book accommodation if you are traveling in this big world

or maybe you just want to find accommodation that suits you

Hotel Booking Engine

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You can also choose a menu under a tab called Hotels and there is a tab called OUR HOTEL BOOKING ENGINE

Here you can choose the following accommodation features:
Hotel, Suite, Vacation Rental / Apartment, Resort, Bed & Breakfast, Hostel. Whether in Iceland or in the big world.

What is the advantage of using our Hotel Booking site ?

What we see is

Trusted by the world’s largest hotel providers.

You have one booking engine connected to up to 5 others in one place that gives you the lowest price on each booking engine that is on our partner website.

This will shorten the search time of your dream accommodation

A booking engine connected to us at our booking page ( is as follows: / / Expedia / agoda /

Please note that if you are booking tours around Iceland or for many days traveling and want to travel with us
Then we need to book the accommodation because we need to be able to place our driver at the same or nearby hotel if it is beyond the
70 kilometer radius from Selfoss.
But if you have a specific hotel
in mind and then of course we try to follow it
This does not apply to single trips with us which are only one day

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